Can We Make A Difference To The Environment?

Climate change is a huge issue right now. It appears to dominate the media and produces a considerable amount of discussion.

Some people don’t believe that human’s are having any impact on the climate. Others are sure that we are.

Some people think that we should all be taking action to protect the environment. Others suggest that individual actions can do very little.

Can We Make A Difference To The Environment

Where do you position yourself regarding this argument?

There can be no doubt that this is a massive area to consider. Most of us don’t have the advantage of being environmental scientists. As a result, we may find it a struggle to understand all of the specifics.

But most of us realise that climate change could threaten the lives of many millions of people.

For those of us currently on the planet, there may be a feeling that things won’t happen too quickly. It’s thought likely. However, that future generation may suffer if we don’t take action quickly.

This is a particular concern for those of us who want to think about our children and grandchildren enjoying their lives.

There is, however, a school of thought that says that minor changes can make little difference. What we need is to see the biggest polluters reducing their carbon emissions.

While this may be true, some would question whether there is enough political will to make this happen.

As things stand, there must be a certain level of doubt about the ability of the larger nations of the world to agree on decisive action.

Will they fail to act quickly enough? This is a distinct possibility and may also hint at an area where we can all have an impact.

It can sometimes seem like politicians are rather separate from the people. They often act in a manner that can seem hard to understand.

But the fundamental truth is that, in democracies, these elected representatives know that they cannot risk angering the population.

They may be able to do so for a short period, but it won’t help their re-election hopes over the longer term.

The message here seems clear. If we care about the environment and making the world a better place, then we need to put pressure on politicians.

We need to let them know that we’re prepared to vote by these principles. By making this message clear, we can force them to take action.

Individual changes may make little difference on this issue. Real change tends to happen when people gather together and behave collectively.

It may seem impossible to think that we can influence government policies and the way in which large corporations behave. Anything is, however, possible.

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